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About us

 We at Callcomm, have mastered ourselves in providing turnkey automated systems in a wide range of fields, including  GPS Vehicle Tracking system,Mobile Tracking system,Hand Held billing machine,Hand held ticketing machine, Hand held parking machine, Biometric Access control systems, Wireless cctv camera Security automation and many more.

Business leaders everywhere are looking for ways to thwart theft and improve productivity; we provide smarter, faster and easier ways to security and productivity with our customized automated systems.

We have a full line of tried and tested security system and surveillance system packages. Not only do we offer you a full 1 year warranty, we also stand by our products by offering lifetime technical support. We pride ourselves having provided Turnkey projects for electronic security to many Businesses and homes also our payroll software and HR management software have won many delighted customers, Owing to its easy use and additional features coupled with instant service making us the no.1 choice.  

Callcomm,with more than 8 years of experience has developed technology to your needs

Callcomm is leading in the GIS based solutions and Mobile Application software domain by providing unique cost effective quality software solutions to various industry segments.We provide end to end business products including security solutions, vehicle & Fuel Monitoring systems, media devices, access control systems & Biometric solutions. It is a pool of IIT engineers, having extensive experience in GPS Based Tracking and Mobile Based Personal Tracking Solutions. We believe in customer satisfaction and provide high end quality solutions to solve their day to day resource and fleet monitoring issues.

Our Business Profile-

 1. Callcomm is the leading Vehicle Tracking system & Employee Tracking system Solution provider, for providing very cost effective GPS Tracking solutions.

 2. Callcomm is also the corporate channel sales partner of Realtime biometric system; we are providing complete Security solutions to the corporate customers

3. Callcomm is also the leading service provider of Biometric attendance system in Hyderabad. We have a specialized team who are engaged in developing software for our clients

4. Callcomm is the Stockist of Metal barcode and solution in India.

Callcomm is one of the Leading Manufacturer & channel sales partner having extensive experience of over 2 years in the diversified business segments like Commodity Market, Shares & holdings, Airtel Business services, GPS Vehicle tracking system, Security system , Hand held terminals, Window mobile PDA & RFID .Since our inception in 2004, we have maintained growth rate of 60% p.a. Believing in ?Organizational ethics and ?Total Customer Satisfaction.

The difference in mindset and corporate culture requires a different solution. Callcomm success is driven because of this understanding. We understand that you need powerful features, yet they need to be practical and easy for day-to-day use. Our company has had many experiences about how we have contributed in growth of our business partners. We look forward to adding yours too in future.

Our industrial engineering-focused capabilities aim specifically to improve each of your Company?s processes, productivity and profits ? and include:

  1. Process design, process improvement and process re-engineering
  2. Implementation and Integration
  3. Organizational effectiveness assessment and alignment
  4. Strategic planning
  5. Customized System Embedded Development
  6. Customized Software Development

 Callcomm is committed to helping organizations determine how to best use the latest technology to meet their business and information technology (IT) objectives. Our approach helps enterprises discover ideas where they can make a real impact, and then transform those ideas into tangible results. We can provide support with all facets of a project, including determining whether it will meet your business objectives, Identifying areas of implementation, Identifying what type of technology is right for your organization, Selecting and negotiating with hardware vendors, Selecting and integrating software, and finally to implementing the solution across the enterprise. We continue to evolve our approach, refining the standards for best practices to deliver the scalable and flexible solution. Benefits you will get on assigning Callcomm:

Technology Value Assessment: Technology is not the silver bullet for every application. The success of its applications depends on the value it can provide to your business.

  1. ROI Initiative and Development
  2. Site Survey and Configuration
  3. Process Flow and Integration Plan
  4. Selection of right technology and hardware
  5. Monitored Software development
  6. Strategic Long Term Positioning
  7. Install and tune all equipment
  8. User training and support training
  9. System commissioning
  10. Operation support and maintenance
  11. Reduce operating costs, improve productivity